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About Dubai

Dubai is the largest and most populous Emirate in the UAE. There are approximately 2,780,000 residents from over 200 nationalities, plus countless tourists and traders on any given day. Dubai is a cosmopolitan destination that unites cultures, beliefs, and values under a banner of tolerance and diversity.

There is a rich Arabic culture that underpins local life in the city, but all are welcome and encouraged to explore and enjoy Dubai to the absolute fullest. Although Arabic is the official language, Dubai is a multilingual city where English is the most widely spoken language. Dubai is a tax free Emirate for its residents, as well as for companies established within it boundaries.

Discover Dubai

Discover the best attractions in this dynamic city, including the Dubai Shopping Festival in January. Visit the malls, shop at high-end boutiques and wander traditional markets. Then relax at your hotel or enjoy dinner at a world famous restaurant. Dubai’s sophisticated financial environment and stable political governance will allow you to develop your activities and enjoyable lifestyle free of taxes.

Dubai is known for its fast paced way of life, its energy, and its openness towards people from all over the world. There is so much to see and do in Dubai, and after a busy day, you may just want to grab the opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy everything this city has to offer.

    We assist clients with residency visas and other corporate services.

    Getting your residency in Dubai

    Individuals who wish to relocate to Dubai and become legal residents are met with a highly flexible and versatile UAE visa policy, that offers multi-year residencies to investors, students, professionals, remote workers and even retirees. Current holders of Dubai residency are also eligible to sponsor their immediate family members.

    When holding Dubai residency, general services such as applying for the Emirates ID card, opening a bank account, acquiring a UAE driver’s license, signing up for Etisalat or Du mobile and home packages become essential.

    Let us choose the best relocation option for you. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with all the necessary assistance.

    Our Services in Dubai

    With our knowledge and experience, we assist clients with residency visas and other corporate PRO services in Dubai, in the main land and in most free zones in Dubai. Our consultants are experienced in PRO services, and are well aware of the constantly changing laws in Dubai and free zones. We are also aware of all the formalities and requirements for most government departments.

    Apart from our residency visa services, other PRO services include:

    • Visas for Dependents (Spouse, Kids, Maid and Driver Visas)
    • Renewal of Residency Visas
    • Cancellation of Residency Visas
    • Trade License Renewals (Renewal Reminder Service as well)
    • For those seeking second passports that enable ease of travel, it is possible to acquire them from a large number of countries, mainly through investment schemes. We will gladly advise you to the best choice considering your personal and family situation, and then facilitate your applications. This covers a very vast number of countries, from USA to Antigua, via Cyprus or Portugal.