Private Equity Investments

Supporting international company growth.

What we offer

We have actively been investing in private companies since 2005. We typically invest at an early stage of development, from Love Money to Round A, and rarely after round B.

Our portfolio is well-diversified, covering a large geographical as well as sectorial spectrum ranging from Medtech in Switzerland, to Cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom and France, via techs in the Middle East and Financial companies in China. Our diversified investment portfolio supports our goal of international company growth.

Our most important asset is the future value we create for our clients.

Our current holdings

Our current network of holdings consists out of the following companies: Aswat Holdings Ltd, SC Lowy, Pintec Technology, Torreko, Libertus Capital and Spineart SA. Read more about them below. 

Our diversified investment portfolio supports international company growth.


TOREKKO is the first METAVERSE NFT Japanimation ecosystem. It has been built as a game using officially licensed Manga NFTs, allowing mining, staking, and Minting on an ETH base with a Layer 2 Polygon.

Location: France


Founded in 2017, Libertus Capital is a venture capital firm based in London, United Kingdom. The firm invests in the cryptocurrency, blockchain and information technology sectors. Invested in Libertus 1 in 2017, Libertus 2 in 2019 & Libertus 3 in 2020.

Holdings include FTX, Livepeer, Axie Infinity, 1Inch, Serum, Lido, Mina, Solana, and many more tokens and participations, mostly invested during Series A/Strategic rounds.

Location: London, UK


Owners of ZIWO, an Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Software (CCAAS) that provides a straightforward solution for companies to talk to their clients over the phone, WhatsApp and SMS.

ZIWO has readymade plug-ins with most CRM’s and can be integrable with any app, thanks to an open API architecture. ZIWO connects 145 countries globally. Invested in round A in 2018.

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE



SC Lowy is  a global banking and asset management group, specialists in high yield, distressed, event-driven and private structured credit. Invested in round B in 2018.

Location: Hong Kong, China



Pintec is a leading independent technology platform enabling financial services in China. The Company connects business and financial partners on an open platform and enables them to provide financial services to end-users efficiently and effectively. Invested in Series C in 2015. Made partial exit following IPO on NSDAQ in 2018.

Location: Beijing, China



Spineart is a privately held medical device company focused on simplifying the surgical act by designing, developing and promoting safe and efficient solutions to spine surgeons, operating room teams, and patients. Invested in round A in 2005 and round B in 2007. Have successfully made partial exit and remain shareholders.

Location: Geneva, Switzerland