Portfolio Management

We advise and inspire our clients.

What we offer

We identify the best investment options by looking beyond established brands in order to discover the investment leaders of the future. We establish robust and holistic investment views by interrogating highly regarded investment views and complimenting it with our own in-depth proprietary research.

We offer a tailor-made investment experience.

We ensure access to a wide variety of product providers.

Our ‘Open’ platform approach

Our “open” platform allows clients to have access to products from most of the large banks and product providers. We have the tools and flexibility that allow the mandates to be tailored by our team of professionals to meet the circumstances and preferences of our clients.

    Our approach to investment management is based on collaboration and partnerships.

    Portfolio planning approach

    Our most important asset is our client’s satisfaction and future value that we create for them. We take the time to understand your unique goals and to learn more about the requirements around them and your life.

    Our investment ideas and analytical research is also provided regularly to assist with our understanding. We establish what your expectations are for us and the we determine whether an ongoing partnership is the right fit.

    Our most important asset is our client’s satisfaction and future value that we create for them.

    Asset Class Research

    We perform asset class research and determine the appropriate asset allocations for investment solutions.

    Manager Research

    We perform comprehensive research of investment managers and the selection of managers appropriate to the solution being designed.

    Robust Portfolios

    We construct robust portfolios with a high probability of attaining desired investment outcomes, through the application of insights acquired in the preceding steps.


    We monitor and periodically rebalance solutions required to maintain a high probability of achievement of the desired outcomes.

    We offer a tailor-made investment experience.