Investment Management

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Managing of investments

We perform asset class research and determine the appropriate asset allocations for investment solutions to effectively achieve the desired returns based on our clients expectations. We also perform comprehensive research of investment managers and the selection of managers appropriate to the solution being designed. This helps with accurate allocation of assets in pre-determined investment patterns.

Furthermore, we also monitor and periodically rebalance solutions required to maintain a high probability of achievement of the desired outcomes. Whilst we are driving the management of your investments, the ultimate decision of choosing what investments to buy or sell, how much to invest and when to do so, always reside with the client.

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Investment portfolios that meet the client’s performance goals and risk appetite.

Our investment philosophy

We identify the best investment options by looking beyond established brands in order to discover the investment leaders of the future. We establish robust and holistic investment views by interrogating highly regarded investment views and complimenting it with our own in-depth proprietary research.

A clear analysis of the investment goals of our clients enables us to formulate a structured approach to achieving those goals and managing their assets efficiently. 

Our approach to investment management is based on collaboration and partnerships.

Solutions tailored to your clients’ priorities and goals.

Our investment policy

We assist clients to pursue their goals, by creating investment portfolios, that meet the client’s performance goals and appetite for risk. We use a holistic approach that addresses the overall well being of the client and prioritises what clients want to achieve with their investments.

Our professional team help clients choose the right mix of financial assets, and construct an investment portfolio which balances investment risk and return to maximize income or growth in line with the client’s investment risk profile.

Investment needs of clients can only be met when they are understood.

Our investment process

​​​Our investment committee is responsible for portfolio creation, management and underlying investment selection on behalf of our clients’ and it is their job to ensure that all investment and portfolio decisions align with our investment philosophy. We take the necessary time to understand our clients’ unique goals and we actively learn more about the requirements around their wealth and life. We use this opportunity to identify their goals, priorities, preferences, and potential risks in order to establish what their expectations are from us and whether an ongoing partnership is the right fit. Our investment process consist out of the following five pillars and our monitoring and review methodology.

Portfolio Creation

We follow and implement a structured portfolio creation process that will resonate with the client’s investment goals and objectives while providing them with optimal risk-adjusted returns. Our portfolio creation process benefits from in-depth market research done by our investment team and their aim to set up long-term Strategic Asset Allocation for the funds being invested.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Our strategic asset allocation approach serves as a guideline for allocating funds to major asset classes including equities, fixed income, and alternative assets. We aim to maximize returns that are relative to risk over the long term and to continuously monitor each investment within these asset classes. Overall, the portfolio seeks to enhance returns while risks are being actively managed.

Tactical Asset Allocation

Since the market is not always efficient and rational at all points in time, we make timely tactical allocations to investments so that we can take advantage of current market conditions that give rise to any anomalies. Our tactical asset allocation strategies are usually implemented by either going underweight or overweight in certain indicated classes, sectors, geographies, or investments.

Risk Management

The core to our entire investment process is disciplined risk management and budgeting procedures. We highly rely on our knowledgeable investment team to assess the best-in-class assets by the means of in-depth research and selection. Our team goes through a conscientious process of identifying asset classes that best express and suit our strong investment ideas.


Overly concentrated portfolios are often an inefficient use of capital and therefore, we opt to diversify into multi-asset classes, equities, bonds, and alternative investment solutions with daily liquidity options. A well-diversified approach enhances the exposure to various investment strategies and positioning to aid any market volatility.

Monitoring and Review Methodology

Our monitoring and review methodology ensures that risks are identified far in advance and that timely actions are taken when necessary. This ensures that initial investment objectives remain intact under different market conditions. By performing ongoing analysis, we monitor each asset class and investment within the asset class. The entire process covers the continues monitoring and review of risk management, performance measurement and the creation of investment portfolios.

Reporting on investment outcomes and trends are also key in this process. Detailed investment statements and performance reports are carefully compiled and communicated to clients to ensure complete transparency and trust.