Chandler Investment Holding

Professional services from leading experts.

Who we are

Chandler Investment Holding forms part of a growing international network of interdependent companies, allowing its discerning clientele access to a full range of financial services as well as immigration services specializing in Mauritius and Dubai.

Our goal is to inspire clients to retire, invest and relocate with peace of mind by offering them professional services they can trust. We have an equipped team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are ready to assist clients with their bespoke needs. They are also backed by a full team of talented contributors with over 70 years of international financial experience.

Creating exceptional value

Our commitment is to empower our clients by influencing and enhancing the quality of their retirement, investment, and immigration decisions. We achieve this by working alongside our clients, to support their decision-making framework, with information of the highest quality.  This commitment embodies our approach of excellence and value, and our strong belief in the correlation between planning for a solid future and financial freedom.

The needs of clients can only be met when they are truly understood. Therefore, we take pride in understanding the needs of our clients first and driving decisions through collaboration and partnerships. Our most important asset is our client’s satisfaction and the future value that we create for them.

    Understanding the needs of our clients through collaboration and partnerships.

    What we offer

    World class solutions to support your bespoke needs. With our knowledge and experience, combined with the practical services that we offer, we can provide you with all the necessary assistance. Let us support you every step of the way.

    Fund Management

    Let us manage your client’s day-to-day investments so that you can focus on the quality of your financial advice.

    Servicing Foreign Funds

    We provide administrative assistance and accounting services for foreign domiciled funds.

    Investment Management

    We perform asset class research and determine the appropriate asset allocations for investment solutions.

    Wealth Management

    We offer boutique solutions to individuals from USD500K and above. Choose the right mix of financial assets and let’s compile your portfolio.

    Portfolio Management

    We identify the best investment options. Our “open” platform allows clients to have access to products from large banks and product providers.

    Private Equity Investments

    We develop and manage private equity portfolios, with tailor-made strategies that are available to high-end financial clientele.

    International Investments

    We offer well-diversified funds across the globe which enables you to invest internationally.

    Relocation Services

    We can assist you with all the procedures to acquire a residence permit or VISA in Mauritius or Dubai.

    Passport Assistance

    Let us arrange your passport, for a number of countries, ranging from Portugal to St Kitts and Nevis.

    Bank Account Set-up

    Need a bank account in Mauritius or Dubai? We can assist you with opening a bank account for a smooth financial transition.

    Acquiring Property

    Let us help you find a property in Mauritius or Dubai best suited to your needs.

    Company Set-up

    Our experienced professionals can help you setup your company in Mauritius or Dubai.

    Providing you with advice that is aligned with our approach of excellence and value.

    Get in touch 

    Have a question? We are here for you. Your questions and inquiries are important to us. We would be happy to set up a meeting with you to discuss your questions and needs. Our team of friendly professionals are ready to assist you.